API Programming Contest #2: Win $100!

Blog 11.6.2015 2 Comments

I am pleased to announce the second CADSharp.com SolidWorks API programming contest! (See results of first contest here.) In this edition, we’re going to test your skills involving assemblies. Here’s how to win one of three Amazon.com gift cards or a 3-month premium membership to CADSharp.com. How To Enter and Win Download the example file…

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What’s New In The SolidWorks 2015 API

Blog 20.10.2014 No Comments

The SolidWorks 2015 API contains quite a few enhancements that I am excited to share with you. Here are some of the most significant: Access scenes. Insert a table-driven pattern feature. Get or set the components and transforms for interferences. Specify more document printing options. Create and access local curve- and sketch-driven patterns. Get type…

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Tips for Finding and Organizing Code Snippets

Blog 9.7.2014 9 Comments

If you’re even the least bit serious about SolidWorks API programming, then you need to have a game plan for efficiently doing each of these: Finding code for use in a macro you are currently writing or plan to write Organizing code so it can be easily found and re-used Tips for Finding SolidWorks API…

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Macros vs Add-ins vs Stand-Alones

Blog 28.4.2014 1 Comment

If you’re interested in automating some or all of your company’s workflow on your own or with the help of CADSharp’s automation services, you need to answer this very important question: Is this problem best solved using a macro, add-in, or stand-alone? Answering this question requires us to answer several other questions: What are the…

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Watch Two CADSharp API Presentations for Free!

Blog 12.3.2014 No Comments

The presentations I delivered at SolidWorks World 2014 (“SolidWorks API for Total Beginners” and “Using Microsoft Excel with the SolidWorks API”) are now available for public viewing. Both of these videos contain new material, so even if you’ve watched the tutorials at CADSharp.com, check them out because you might pick up something new. Here’s how…

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SolidWorks World 2014 : API Presentations

Blog 2.1.2014 No Comments

San Diego is, in my opinion, one of the best locations for SolidWorks World, between the beautiful convention center, great weather, and fun Tuesday night special event. Combine that with the consistently high-quality learning and networking opportunities available at every SolidWorks World, and I am really excited about attending this year. For those hoping to…

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Video: Write A Powerful Macro from Scratch, Episode 2

Blog 7.11.2013 4 Comments

Owing to the popularity of our post titled Write A Powerful Macro From Scratch I decided to create another free video along the same lines. Unlike my beginner-level videos, this series assumes you already have a basic knowledge of the API (especially the API Help). That way we can focus on nothing but coding. In…

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What’s New in the SolidWorks 2014 API

Blog 28.10.2013 1 Comment

It’s that time of year again. The latest major release of SolidWorks is upon us, and with it comes a delightful assortment of awesome new enhancements to the SolidWorks API. New API Calls Here’s a list of the most significant: Access feature data for Mirror Part and Fill Pattern features. Access flat-pattern and sheet metal…

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Embed and Auto-Run Macros Using Equations

Blog 17.9.2013 15 Comments

This video summarizes the contents of this post and demonstrates the examples listed below. Ever wanted a macro so tightly integrated with a part or assembly that 1) the macro always ran as long as the model was open, 2) the macro traveled with the model wherever it went? Using a clever, undocumented trick involving…

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Using Microsoft Excel with the SolidWorks API

Blog 3.7.2013 11 Comments

Given the ubiquity of Microsoft Excel in engineering departments worldwide, it is no surprise that our “Using Microsoft Excel with the SolidWorks API” tutorial, available to Premium members, is one of our most popular. While I am not going to cover all of the material presented in that lesson, I do want to provide you…

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