Duration: 02m 12s
Description: This video introduces the course, its author, and the system requirements.

Duration: 04m 23s
Description: This lesson explores the types of applications you can develop with PDM API.

Duration: 03m 51s
Description: This lesson explains the object model of the PDM API.

Duration: 30m 44s
Description: This lesson demos different login methods of the IEdmVault5.

Duration: 17m 11s
Description: This lesson explores different ways of getting the IEdmFile5 interface. It also explores basic vault folders navigation.

Duration: 32m 00s
Description: This lesson show you how to traverse the vault folder structure recursively. It also includes an advanced example that supports cancellation.

Duration: 22m 03s
Description: This lesson demos examples of how to check files in and out of the vault.

Duration: 43m 22s
Description: This lesson demos examples of how to create, get, and set vault variables in PDM Professional.

Duration: 31m 15s
Description: This lesson demos a performance-centric API call that gets variable values in batch.

Duration: 14m 08s
Description: This lesson demos how to export a bill of material as a CSV file.

Duration: 09m 37s
Description: This lesson demos how to create PDM addins by implementing the IEdmaddIn5 interface.

Duration: 09m 23s
Description: This lesson demos how to debug a PDM addin.

Duration: 22m 15s
Description: This lessons demos how to implement the methods GetAddInInfo and OnCmd through a copy-to-clipboard example.

Duration: 58m 21s
Description: This lesson shows how to implement a task addin that serializes card variables to XML or JSON.

Duration: 05m 22s
Description: This lesson shows you how to debug a task add-in using the example developed in the previous lesson.