Our vision is simple: to provide the best CAD API training and services in the world. Our specialties include SOLIDWORKS API, SOLIDWORKS PDM API, Onshape API, and Onshape FeatureScript. Our talented team can also provide mechanical design services on demand.

Since 2012, over 16,000 SOLIDWORKS users have joined to learn the SOLIDWORKS API via our online training. Hundreds more have attended our live classes and presentations on three continents. Read our testimonals and you’ll see why.

Our unparalleled customer service and attention to detail has secured us as a foremost provider of CAD, PDM, PLM, and ERP custom programming services. We have written macros, addins, and stand-alones for companies of every shape and size.


The sun never sets on the CADSharp empire. We have team members in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia with a combined 100+ years of CAD/PDM experience. In order of appearance:

Keith Rice | Technical Director

Keith Rice

Keith began programming with C++ and Visual Basic 6.0 while in high school. After studying mechanical engineering in college, he worked as an application engineer at a Cincinnati-based SOLIDWORKS reseller for three years. During this time he discovered the SOLIDWORKS API and realized he could combine his passions for programming and CAD. Surprised by the lack of quality API training and services, he started CADSharp in March 2011. Since then he has traveled the world teaching SOLIDWORKS API and has presented at SOLIDWORKS World on API topics over fifteen times. He is currently based in Vancouver, WA and has four young children. He loves learning about other cultures, climbing the Pacific Northwest Cascade peaks, and drinking Soylent.

Nilesh Patel | SOLIDWORKS Developer, Mechanical Designer

Nilesh Patel

Nilesh grew up in the Gujarat province of India, where he excelled at cricket and math. Forsaking his childhood dream of playing professional cricket, he studied undergraduate mechanical engineering at The North Gujarat University before moving to Adelaide to receive a master’s degree in the same subject. Remaining in Australia (where he is now a citizen), Nilesh worked as a design engineer in Brisbane where he began studying SOLIDWORKS API. He joined CADSharp part-time in 2018 and then full-time in 2019, where his deep design background gives him great insight into the automation needs of our customers. He is happily married with one son, despises vegemite, and enjoys reminding Kiwis that New Zealand is basically Australia’s Canada.

Melissa Rice | Accounting Assistant

Melissa Rice

Melissa Rice can do a lot things well. We’ll say more about her later, but for now you just need to know that she lives in Xenia, Ohio, which is the largest city in the United States that begins with the letter ‘X’.

Jacob Corder | SOLIDWORKS and Onshape Developer

Jacob Corder

Jacob’s storied career began as a mechanic for F-15 fighter jets in Alaska, where he served his country for four years. Afterward he worked as a product designer and CAD technician in the years leading up to his graduation from Hennepin Technical College, where he studied fluid power engineering. His exposure to the SOLIDWORKS API occurred during his next job as a hydraulic system designer. His prolific and innovative use of it led to his appointment as a full-time software developer, where he wrote possibly the most complex SOLIDWORKS addin known to man, totaling over half a million lines of code. In late 2019 he joined CADSharp as our first full-time Onshape developer. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Minnesota, where he enjoys remodeling his house, staring longingly across the Canadian border, and tinkering with his remote-controlled lawn mower.

Mike Bosscher | Onshape Mechanical Designer

Mike grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario, where he resides to this day. Raised around his father’s automotive repair shop, he developed an affinity for all things mechanical, which led to him studying mechanical engineering technology in college. Since then, he’s led a varied career in mechanical design, PDM administration, and systems analysis. Unlike his soft-handed colleagues, who will never know the feeling of scrubbing grease and dirt off their hands with 20 Mule Team Borax after a day of actual work, Mike is equally comfortable in the machine shop as he is behind a computer. In his spare time, he repairs centrifugal clutches and nitrogen-charged shocks on snowmobiles, hunts waterfowl on the Grand River, works out on his home-made squat rack, and enjoys other activities that only a man with a beard like his could confidently perform.

Konstantin Shiriazdanov | Onshape Developer

Konstantin Shiriazdanov

Raised in a hamlet on the outskirts of Moscow, Konstantin took an early liking to the complexity of mechanical systems and the equations developed by scientists to predict their behavior. In 2014 he graduated from Bauman Moscow State University as a mechanical engineer with an emphasis on metal cutting machines. Shortly thereafter he received his masters degree, which shifted his design work into mobile robotics platforms and bionic hands. In 2019 he discovered Onshape FeatureScript, a skill he honed through open-source projects such as features for non-linear curve transforms, which included a wrap feature before Onshape added it natively. Konstantin currently resides in Moscow and has no hobbies besides going to the gym and polishing his Mosin Nagant rifle, which he hopes will serve him well when he retires to the Ural Mountains.

Sean Stubbe | SOLIDWORKS and PDM Development Lead

Sean brings even more Dutch-Canadian influence to the team, as well as a touch of youth, being our youngest hire to date. Despite that youth, he has formal training in automation engineering, chemical engineering, and business management. His technical accomplishments include designing an automation cell used to weld brake pedals for Tesla vehicles, programming baggage handling systems used at LaGuardia Airport, and administering a PDM vault with over two million CAD models used by 140 designers. During the latter project he developed an appreciation for the SOLIDWORKS API and PDM API, which led him to CADSharp, where he now does work that Keith doesn’t know how to do and Nilesh doesn’t want to do. He currently lives in southern Ontario where he enjoys spending time with his fiancée, building computers, and playing board games.

Michael Pascoe | Technical Marketer and Onshape Developer

Michael Pascoe enjoys helping people with Onshape, developing online games with Unity, and being a dad! Also, he is a follower of Christ. Reach out to Michael if you want learn more about the Gospel of Christ.

Andries Koorzen | CAD, PDM, PLM, and ERP Developer

Andries Koorzen

Andries Koorzen can do a lot things well. We’ll say more about him later, but for now you just need to know that he also lives in Canada, takes unit testing seriously, and speaks Afrikaans, which is what Dutch sounds like after too many beers.

Vinith Anand | Onshape Mechanical Designer

Vinith Anand

Vinith Anand can do a lot of things well. We’ll say more about him later, but for now you just need to know that he speaks five languages fluently, which might be the least impressive part of his resume. He lives in Quebec.

Robert Blanchard | Onshape Mechanical Designer

Robert Blanchard

Robert can do a lot of things well. We’ll say more about him later, but for now you just need to know that his designs in the mining and construction equipment sector are so legendary that Wayne Gretzky was once called the “Robert Blanchard of hockey”. He lives in Ontario.


Angelo de Dominicis

Angelo can do a lot of things well. We’ll say more about him later, but for now you just need to know that he lives in Chile.

Joe Mattar | Full-Stack Developer

Joe Mattar

Joe can do a lot of things well. We’ll say more about him later, but for now you just need to know that he lives in Ontario.

Marla West | Accounting Assistant

Marla Rice

Marla can do a lot of things well. We’ll say more about her later, but for now you just need to know that she smites demonic foes with her sun-imbued blade, Perihelion.

Pablo Andres Trujillo Tafur | Onshape Mechanical Designer

Pablo Andres Trujillo Tafur

Pablo grew up in Barranquilla, Colombia, and currently lives in Ontario, Canada. He developed an interest in mechanical engineering by studying manufacturing engineering technology, after which he pursued an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. Pablo is passionate about manufacturing and enjoys using CNC machines and 3D printers at home. Additionally, he is a huge football (soccer) fan and plays every week.

Tom Fosler | Onshape Developer

Tom Fosler

Tom Fosler can do a lot of things well. We’ll say more about him later, but for now you just need to know that he’s from Nebraska, where he serves in his church, enjoys time with his wife and children, and wages war victoriously against life-threatening ailments.

Services Testimonials

He’s a wizard. We did some Teamviewer sessions together to get some bugs fixed and he never backs down for anything. He is fast, reliable, and a very experienced. I really enjoy working with him on our current projects and, of course, [will utilize him for] any future ones.

Martin V.

I know you’re already well aware of this, but Amen is a total rock-star and he’s helped us look like total pros in front of our customer. Because of the quality of his work, I’m sure we’re going to have a long-term and profitable relationship supporting them.

Chris C.

The program is glorious.

Michael F.

I cannot speak highly enough of your work and professionalism. You’ve been a pleasure to work with on this project.

Drew A.

We use the tools every day, and we couldn’t imagine life without them now!

Tony P.

Just wanted you to know the tool you developed for us is TERRIFIC. I just updated over a hundred SW files. Took about 5 hours to create the Excel file, edit the damn thing, then upload the corrections. The creation and uploading took about 10 minutes. The other 4 hours and 50 minutes was my thinking time. This one edit saved me literally days of work. So happy!

Dennis B.

Training Testimonials

Thank you for this wonderful resource. You’re tutorials are so clear and user-friendly, and this is exactly what is needed in the industry. I hope you will continue teaching and I look forward to more CADSharp resources in the future.

Reagan A.

That video on API basics was amazing. I got the macro to do exactly what I want.

Gabriel P.

Your tutorials have helped overcome the steep learning curve of SolidWorks APIs. I studied the free ones first, and we upgraded. I would just like to say that you do online tutorials very well. I will recommend your site to anyone wanting to learn to teach online, or learn SolidWorks API programming.

Randy T.

I really enjoyed your webinar and am impressed by your style and facility of explaining these concepts in a thorough and approachable way.

Jason P.

Keith is superb, and I highly recommend his subscription web-site and training.

John M., SolidWorks Corporation Technical Sales Manager, North America,

I have been making good progress with learning VBA for Solidworks and would like to say your website and video tutorials have been a game-changer in developing a more in-depth understanding for me.

Bob L.

My training is going great so far. You’ve done a great job setting up the lessons, and the format is perfect for me to learn at my own pace.

Josh L.

Just emailing to say thank you for your course. It was very useful and you were extremely helpful. I’ll be leaving some good comments on various blogs etc about CADSharp and your excellent service.

Dekani F

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