CADSharp offers a unique work experience compared to most software development companies.

—Great flexibility in time and location.

—Minimal top-down management and zero company-wide meetings.

—Collaborate with the incredibly talented CADSharp team.

—Work on exciting and challenging projects with many interesting engineering sectors.

Founded in 2011, CADSharp is committed to providing the highest quality custom programming services for the CAD community. We attract talent from all over the globe and our customers are from all over the globe. We hire based on three criteria: 1) reliability, 2) passion, 3) skill. If you want to work in a convenient, exciting, fast-growing tech company, consider our openings below to determine if you’d be a good fit for our team!


Onshape FeatureScript and Onshape API Developer (Europe)

Onshape FeatureScript and Onshape API Developer

We are looking for a full-time contractor to develop scripts and other automation programs for Onshape. Our ideal candidate is an ambitious, customer-oriented individual with a background in programming related to CAD, PDM, and REST. This position requires someone within the European time zones.


The duties of this position include 1) quoting prospective customers by collecting the appropriate specifications, 2) writing software using SOLID design principles (summarized by the principle “separation of concerns”), 3) providing technical support to customers. The programmer will work closely alongside our Technical Services Coordinator and the customer to ensure that a quality program is delivered on time and according to specification and CADSharp best practices. Since knowledge of the Onshape software and their APIs are essential to successfully performing this job, this position requires strong self-learning skills.

Job Requirements


—Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design, or Computer Science (or foreign equivalent)


At least three years of full-time experience is preferred in each of the following:

—Onshape, SOLIDWORKS, or similar CAD software

—Onshape FeatureScript or CAD API development

—Object Oriented Programming (including design patterns) using .NET, Java, or JavaScript

—Experience creating web apps using REST APIs

—Experience with vector algebra, linear algebra, and computational geometry

—Familiarity with engineering and manufacturing terminology

—Strong emphasis on good programming practices


—Fluency in English, both spoken and written

—Fluency in other languages will be strongly considered

—Ability to describe complex technical concepts in a concise manner

—Customer-friendly, attentive attitude


None required.


We offer competitive rates based on skill set, experience, and location.

Location and Work Time

Living in the European time zone is required.

How To Apply

If interested, please submit the following to

—PDF resume

—LinkedIn profile (if available)

—SOLIDWORKS forum profile (if applying for a developer position)

—Code samples and project source code (if applying for a developer position)

If we’re interested in your application, we will contact you to set up an interview. If applying for a development position, the interview will include a web meeting so we can ascertain your skill with the appropriate CAD software and programming languages. If you are only experienced in SOLIDWORKS and .NET but applying for the Onshape position, we will still gauge your understanding of SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS API, and .NET programming.