CADSharpTools and CADSharpTools.PDM are toolsets to aid with development of SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PDM .NET addins and stand-alones. Developers that use these APIs will find classes and functions for common tasks that their software may need to perform. Visit here to learn more about what it can do. Power User members can access the online repository and binaries like this:

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Once logged into the repository, you can view the source code, download the entire repository, or create a bug report or enhancement request using the issue tracker.

Per the Usage Agreement: 1) CADSharp LLC grants Power Users the non-exclusive right to use CADSharpTools.dll or its source code. 2) You may reference the DLL in your project or directly copy portions of the code into your projects. 3) You may not share the DLL or any portion of the source with people outside of your organization. 4) You may not resell the DLL or any portion of the source code without our permission. We appreciate your integrity!