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CADSharp LLC is the premiere developer of custom software for SOLIDWORKS using the SOLIDWORKS API, and any other software that touches it (e.g., PLM, ERP). We can also train your developers on how to use these technologies. We have provided custom programming services and training for resellers, individuals, startups, and Fortune 500 corporations on projects of any size. Services offered:

  • Add-ins, stand-alones, and macros for SOLIDWORKS for applications such as model geometry creation and analysis, automatic geometry creation, custom property processing, configuration ripping, connection / integration with third-party software, drawing automation, bulk import / export

  • Best practices consulting: Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software, design-for-automation, software development

  • Specialized developer training and online or at your location covering SOLIDWORKS API fundamentals, .NET development, and programming best practices

  • Responsive technical support for your development team through Slack or email

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In 2015, CADSharp wrote a SOLIDWORKS addin that produces manufacturing instructions for steel ties used in railroad turnouts. The addin began by traversing model geometry, then used three algorithms to minimize hole punch operations, minimize stock material usage, and minimize overall manufacturing time. This addin turned a multi-hour job into mere minutes and allows NARSTCO to produce steel railroad turnouts around the clock using only one engineer, resulting in huge bottom line savings.

This is wizardry.

S. Smith, Operations Manager, NARSTCO