Thank you for considering CADSharp LLC for your automation needs. The following FAQ will answer important questions up front regarding our services.

What is your pricing?

For consulting and custom software development, we usually quote using a flat price for your project that is based on our hourly rate of 150 USD per hour.

For customized live training, price varies based on urgency, class length, number of students, training location, and travel expenses.

What is your minimum charge for a project?

500 USD

How do I request a quote?

We are happy to provide a quote to anyone. You can begin the quoting process by downloading and filling out the appropriate service specifications sheet and then emailing it to

<> New program specifications – For those who want CADSharp to write them a brand new program.

<> Existing program specifications – For those who want CADSharp to modify one of their existing programs.

<> Technical support specifications – For those who want CADSharp to provide their development team with API technical support.

<> Technical training specifications – For those who want CADSharp to provide customized API training.

If we are not able to quote you based on the information provided in the spec sheet then we will need to discuss the project further over email, phone, or web-meeting. If we anticipate these discussions taking more than one hour, then we will give you an estimate for the Proposal Development, which is billed at our normal hourly rate.

When the project is approved, please send us a Purchase Order.

What are your purchase and payment terms?

After you approve the quote, we expect you to send a purchase order, although we will frequently begin development before we have received it. Once development is completed, we will submit an invoice. All invoices must be paid by check, wire transfer, or credit card within 30 days. Payment by credit card will incur a 3% surcharge.

Do you require any payment upfront?

If the project is quoted at over 5000 USD then we will ask for 25% upfront, otherwise we will accept all payment after the service is completed. Milestone payments will be discussed if the project is going to extend over several months or years.

How do you handle changes to the scope during the project?

The quote we send you contains a service description, which is effectively the scope of work for the project quoted. If, during the project, you decide to change the scope, we will gladly accommodate you and ask you to approve of a new quote for those additional features.

What if we find a bug in a project we have already paid for?

Each project lasting two or less months or valuing less than 10,000 USD has a warranty period equal to the length of development time during which all bugs will be fixed for free. This warranty period begins after development has finished. After the warranty period expires, we will fix the bug at cost of labor only. The exact start and end dates of the warranty period will be determined by the developer. Warranty or maintenance contracts for larger projects will be determined per project and usually involves the standard development rates.

What about the source code?

See the section called “Ownership of Source Code” in Legal Terms and Conditions below.

Legal Terms and Conditions

Quotes and Specifications

Any quotes (a.k.a. proposals) and specifications (a.k.a. scopes of work) reflect our understanding of the customer’s requirements at time of its writing and the quoted amount correlates to the amount of work we expect to perform. While we recognize that unexpected obstacles arise throughout every development that might result in additional requests or time involvement, we expect the customer to stay within the confines of the specification as much as possible.

If the customer makes a request that is clearly outside of the scope or they ask us to invest time into the project that is clearly outside of the scope, we will inform the customer of the additional cost or time that this extra work will will incur. If the customer continually requests work that is outside of the scope (perhaps because it becomes clear that they did not understand the project requirements during initial quoting) then we might ask the customer to reconsider the terms of the entire project.


While you may cancel a purchase order, you will still be charged for the amount of work performed up to that point.


Both parties will not disclose confidential information about the project to third-parties.

Limitation of Liability

As long as the software we deliver is within the scope of work agreed upon by the customer, we are not responsible for any undesired consequences resulting from the customer’s usage of the software, including, but not limited to: damaging, deleting, and disorganizing documents on a hard-drive or network, changing any software or system settings, and disrupting business activities. Due to the possibility of bugs that might cause unexpected or unintended behavior, the customer is expected to validate the deliverables in a non-production environment.

Ownership of Source Code

The customer owns the source code once the amount specified in the purchase order has been paid or until the project is considered complete by both parties. Customer’s ownership of the code does not include any developer libraries used to create the software, including, but not limited, to, CADSharpTools.dll and CADSharpTools.PDM.dll. Customer may not re-use, redistribute, or decompile these libraries without our permission. The customer may, however, request to have a copy of the source code contained in these shared libraries that is used in the software. For an additional cost the customer may also specify that we not use shared libraries at all during development. Unless the customer specifies otherwise, we assume that the customer want us to use our shared libraries to reduce development time and costs.