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Assembly Export

Renaissance is a collection of automation tools for Onshape

What is your time worth? The goal of Renaissance is simple: automate the boring and repetitive, so that you can get back to doing what is important.

Renaissance Includes 7 powerful tools:

Configured Drawings – Speed up drawing creation for configured parts. Starting with a source drawing, Renaissance will duplicate the drawing, updating all references for each configuration
Measured Configurations – Creates a spreadsheet of measured variable values across a range of configurations. Works with the Onshape Variable feature
Release Export – Export selected files from document releases
Assembly Export – Export component files from an assembly. Renaissance can even find component drawings and sheet metal flat patterns
Assembly Sharing – Share all component documents of an assembly
Configuration Export – Export all configurations of a part studio
Assembly Links – Generate a CSV containing links to every assembly component

Try Renaissance Free For 30 Days – Subscribe in the Onshape app store.

Need technical support? Please email the lead developer, Caden Armstrong, here.