Join Us At SolidWorks World 2018

Blog 14.12.2017 No Comments

We are excited to announce that we will presenting and exhibiting at SolidWorks World 2018 in Los Angeles, CA on Feb 4-7. If you’ve never been, I highly encourage you to attend this high-energy event that I like to describe as “one-third learning, one-third networking, and one-third party”. If you are a CADSharp customer or…

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Technical Support Now Available Via Slack

Blog 4.12.2017 No Comments

One of the most valuable benefits of a Power User membership is the on-demand technical support (SolidWorks API and SolidWorks PDM API) we provide to our customers. Previously this technical support was available only via email. As of today, we are now giving customers the option to ask questions and start discussions in CADSharp’s…

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Introducing CustomPropertyWorker

Blog 9.10.2017 No Comments

Overview CADSharp is pleased to present its first product offering: CustomPropertyWorker. CPW is an addin compatible with SolidWorks 2014 and later that will let you automate your work involving custom properties in a variety of powerful ways depending on whether you have the free or premium version. Features Basic Premium Create, update, and delete custom…

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Productivity Software and Tools That I Use

Blog 18.9.2017 3 Comments

In this post I want to give you a peek inside how I organize myself as a software developer, software development team leader, and small business owner. Consequently, you’ll learn something not only about how I develop software but also how I run CADSharp. But before we get started, I want to make a few…

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How to Crack A SolidWorks VBA Macro

Blog 16.2.2017 1 Comment

Any VBA macro, whether for SolidWorks or an Microsoft Office product, can have be locked using a password. The password is required to view the source code but not run the macro. This creates a neat little safeguard against tampering on the part of curious users, but it is not, in my opinion, a safeguard…

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How to Protect Your .NET Source Code

Blog 13.2.2017 No Comments

Warning: I am not a software security expert. Please do not use this blog post as the basis for protecting highly sensitive code. This past week I presented twice at SolidWorks World 2017 on SolidWorks API topics. In my first presentation, I demonstrated and discussed the pros and cons between macros, addins, and stand-alone programs…

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Techniques for Obtaining Bounding Boxes

Blog 29.11.2016 No Comments

Bounding boxes are used constantly in engineering for a variety of reasons. Amongst SolidWorks users, I frequently see them used to optimize plant floor layouts, packaging sizes, and stock lengths. In this blog post, I want to cover the pros and cons of the various techniques available in the SolidWorks API for determining them. GetBox…

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What’s New In The SolidWorks 2017 API

Blog 1.10.2016 No Comments

It’s that time of year again, folks. Let’s look over some of the most notable enhancements to the SolidWorks API, as well as some tips for using the API Help most effectively. Create and access selection sets. (ISelectionSet) Traverse the Manager Pane and activate the FeatureManager design tree, PropertyManager, ConfigurationManager, DimXpertManager, DisplayManager, or custom tab….

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What’s New In The SolidWorks 2016 API

Blog 1.11.2015 2 Comments

Another year, another round of SolidWorks API enhancements. Let’s run through the most notable: Get corresponding sketch contours, sketch segments, and annotations for a specific instance of a component in the context of an assembly. Get or set the properties of paragraphs in note annotations. Get or set cross break feature data in sheet metal…

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API Programming Contest #2 Winners!

Blog 6.7.2015 No Comments

This year’s SolidWorks API programming contest, sponsored by CADSharp, brought in five fascinating submissions. This may seem like a low number, but I quite pleased considering the complexity of the contest. If you aren’t familiar with the contest rules, visit here. My intention with the contest is that entrants would use geometry/topology traversal techniques to…

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