Download 3DXP21 Presentation

Blog 10.2.2021 No Comments

Thank you for attending my 3DExperience World 2021 presentation! You can download the presentation files here, including the PowerPoint, macro, and video: How To Write A Powerful Macro From Scratch Looking forward to seeing you next year in person! Keith

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World’s first PDM API Video Course Out Now!

Blog 15.10.2020 No Comments

The world’s first ever SOLIDWORKS PDM API video course is now available to aspiring PDM developers everywhere via This five hour course will teach how to automate SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional using VB.NET. Lessons include: Types of PDM Apps PDM API Object Model Vault Object Working With Files and Folders Traversing the Vault Check-ins and…

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NEW: SOLIDWORKS API Best Practices Guide

Blog 17.3.2020 No Comments

(Important: This guide is owned and distributed by SOLIDWORKS Corp, not CADSharp LLC, which is why we cannot provide it to you directly.) When SOLIDWORKS Corporation needed a best practices document written for the SOLIDWORKS API, they came to CADSharp LLC. That’s why we’re extremely proud to present “SolidPractices: Getting Started with the SOLIDWORKS API”,…

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Deep Discount: 3-Month Membership For $99

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UPDATE: This coupon expired on May 31, 2020. We live in interesting times. Our regards go out to all of those who are affected by COVID-19. Indeed, our main office is located in Washington state, where most US-based COVID cases have occurred. Fortunately, almost everyone at CADSharp works remotely so you should see no change…

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Block Commands With the SOLIDWORKS API

Blog 2.3.2020 No Comments

CADSharp is pleased to present a new free tool called Command Blocker that blocks specific commands from running in SOLIDWORKS. Optionally, you can also run a macro in lieu of the default behavior, effectively overriding the command with your own custom functionality. This tool might be used by both users and CAD admins to prevent…

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Upcoming API Training Class Near Portland

Blog 1.2.2020 No Comments

CADSharp is offering a four-day live training class in Vancouver, WA, USA on April 27 – 30 on SolidWorks addin and stand-alone development using Visual Studio and VB.NET. Here’s what others have said about our classes: Why You Should Attend Highly rated. The last 40 survey respondents averaged 8.4 / 10 for the question, “Were…

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Download 3DExperience World Presentations

Blog 24.1.2020 No Comments

3DExperience World, formerly known as SOLIDWORKS World, has come and gone. We exhibited at booth 118 and had a fantastic time meeting hundreds of you from around the world. Keith Rice, our Technical Director, presented three times on SOLIDWORKS API topics. You can download the files for the presentations below: Macros vs Addins vs Stand-Alones…

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Minneapolis PDM API Training Class In May

Blog 1.1.2020 No Comments

CADSharp is offering a three-day live training class in Minneapolis, MN, USA in May on SOLIDWORKS PDM API development using VB.NET covering addins, task addins, and much more. Here’s what others have said about our PDM API trainer, Amen Jlili: Why You Should Attend Beginner-friendly. Previous PDM API development experience is not required, though familiarity…

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New PDM Product: Convert DWG Task

Blog 1.10.2019 No Comments

Overview CADSharp is partnering with EhCanadian and is pleased to present one their flagship products, “Convert DWG Task”. Formerly called, “Convert With DraftSight”, Convert DWG Task is a SOLIDWORKS PDM task add-in that converts DWG files to PDF and DXF. This program comes with its own built-in PDF generator but also supports DraftSight and AutoCAD…

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How To Read / Write Third-Party Storage

Blog 1.8.2019 No Comments

Often-times developers will need to store information inside a model that should not be exposed to the user in any way. While attributes might solve this need, the downside is that attributes are designed to hold only string and numeric data, and usually not large quantities of either of these. Enter third-party storage. These allow…

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