Upcoming API Training Class Near Portland

Blog 24.9.2019 No Comments

CADSharp is offering a five-day live training class in Vancouver, WA, USA in April on SOLIDWORKS API development using VBA and VB.NET covering macros, addins, and stand-alones. Here’s what others have said about our classes: Why You Should Attend Highly rated. The last 40 survey respondents averaged 8.4 / 10 for the question, “Were you…

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How To Read / Write Third-Party Storage

Blog 1.8.2019 No Comments

Often-times developers will need to store information inside a model that should not be exposed to the user in any way. While attributes might solve this need, the downside is that attributes are designed to hold only string and numeric data, and usually not large quantities of either of these. Enter third-party storage. These allow…

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The Power of the PDM API Explained: Part 1

Blog 14.5.2019 No Comments

This is the first post in a series PDM management and integration by Guy Edkins. If you have any need for SOLIDWORKS PDM customization, do not hesitate to contact us. When SOLIDWORKS Corporation purchased Conisio (the creators of EPDM) in 2006, it quickly become the mainstay of file management for SOLIDWORKS files. PDM Workgroup, the…

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What’s New In the 2019 SOLIDWORKS API

Blog 4.3.2019 No Comments

Another year, another round of great updates for the SOLIDWORKS API. Although I’m not going to change the title of this blog series, this post is also going to contain updates for the PDM API and Document Manager API as well. Anyway, the continual improvement of these APIs should give amateur and professional developers confidence…

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How To Ask A Good Programming Question

Blog 1.3.2019 No Comments

In a hurry? Skip right to the section called Guidelines for the meat of this article. Introduction Over one year ago we introduced tech support through Slack, where you can ask your SOLIDWORKS API and PDM API questions to our team and get high-quality answers within hours or even minutes. Our members have absolutely loved…

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CADSharpTools: .NET Developer Toolkit

Blog 13.8.2018 No Comments

CADSharp is pleased to announce that our industry-leading SOLIDWORKS API and SOLIDWORKS PDM API libraries are now available to CADSharp.com Power User members. This is the ultimate toolkit for those who want to speed up their .NET addin and stand-alone development by utilizing our hand-made library of commonly used functions and classes. Best of all,…

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Fix These 4 Common PDM Vault Addin Errors

Blog 1.8.2018 No Comments

Have you ever attempted to develop a SOLIDWORKS PDM addin and run into errors when adding it to the vault? This short posts discusses four different types of errors one might actually see when adding a new PDM addin to a vault. 1. The DLL is not com moduleĀ  This error simply means that your…

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What’s New in the 2018 SolidWorks API

Blog 1.3.2018 No Comments

SolidWorks 2018 was released over half a year ago, but it’s never too late to talk about the new enhancements in the SolidWorks API. Aside from covering new API calls, we will look at what is undoubtedly this version’s most notable upgrade: VSTA 2015. This lets programmers create .NET macros in Visual Studio instead of…

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Visually Create PropertyManager Pages

Blog 1.2.2018 No Comments

? Overview CADSharp is pleased to present its second product offering: the SOLIDWORKS PropertyManager Page Sandbox. The PMP Sandbox lets you easily generate the code needed for PropertyManager Pages (PMPs) using an intuitive WYSIWYG editor, much like you would use in the VB Editor or Visual Studio. Available for VBA, VB.NET, and C# and compatible…

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Join Us At SolidWorks World 2018

Blog 14.12.2017 No Comments

We are excited to announce that we will presenting and exhibiting at SolidWorks World 2018 in Los Angeles, CA on Feb 4-7. If you’ve never been, I highly encourage you to attend this high-energy event that I like to describe as “one-third learning, one-third networking, and one-third party”. If you are a CADSharp customer or…

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