UPDATE: This coupon expired on May 31, 2020.

We live in interesting times. Our regards go out to all of those who are affected by COVID-19. Indeed, our main office is located in Washington state, where most US-based COVID cases have occurred. Fortunately, almost everyone at CADSharp works remotely so you should see no change to how you do business with us.

Given the disruption to many peoples’ work and the general economic turmoil, we hope that our three-month access to CADSharp.com’s power user membership for only 99 USD will provide value to you during this time. This is the deepest discount we’ve ever offered with a membership. It does NOT include technical support access, but you will still have access to ALL of our online content at CADSharp.com.

Originally this discount was intended to be only for potential customers in nations with bad conversion rates against the US dollar. We know this has prevented many people from affording a membership in the past who might have liked to use our training. Given the current economic turmoil, however, we decided to extend the discount to all users.

How To Get the Discount

If already registered at CADSharp.com:

  1. Log into CADSharp.com
  2. Go to the Videos page
  3. Click Upgrade in the Member’s Area on the right
  4. Choose 3-month membership
  5. Enter the coupon code “learnapi”
  6. Proceed with payment

If not yet registered at CADSharp.com:

  1. Go to our Memberships page
  2. Enter your user name and email
  3. Choose 3-month membership
  4. Enter the coupon code “learnapi”
  5. Proceed with payment

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Stay safe and keep learning!