The world’s first ever SOLIDWORKS PDM API video course is now available to aspiring PDM developers everywhere via This five hour course will teach how to automate SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional using VB.NET. Lessons include:

  • Types of PDM Apps
  • PDM API Object Model
  • Vault Object
  • Working With Files and Folders
  • Traversing the Vault
  • Check-ins and Check-outs
  • Working With Vault Variables
  • Batch Processing Variables
  • Exporting Bill of Materials
  • Implementing IEdmAddIn5
  • How To Debug A PDM Addin
  • GetAddInInfo and OnCmd
  • Implementing A Task Addin
  • How To Debug A Task Addin

This course is available with all other premium content as part of our three-month or yearly membership. This membership includes access to our Slack tech support channel, where you can get PDM API help from any of our talented PDM developers. If you’re tired of spending countless hours digging through the PDM API Help or searching on forums, our premium membership will pay itself off in no time. Hope to see you soon!