Password-Protect VBA Macros & Other VB Editor Tricks

Blog 6.8.2012 No Comments

The lowly Visual Basic Editor is sometimes looked down upon in comparison to the feature-robust design-environment available with .NET macros and add-ins. Its true, the VB Editor is rather lowly in comparison. When it comes to churning out macros at break-neck speed, however, VBA macros can’t be beat. Since most of you create VBA macros…

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Schedule Macros Using the Task Scheduler

Blog 4.7.2012 No Comments

Have a macro that you’d like to run on all models in a directory while out of the office? Enter the Task Scheduler. Located in the SolidWorks Tools directory in your Start Menu, this program allows you to schedule batch operation tasks like updating the versions of your files, converting your models to DXF, updating…

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7 Ways To Run A Macro Without the Run Button

Blog 5.6.2012 3 Comments

How do you run your macros right now? Tools–>Macro–>Run? By clicking Run on the macro toolbar? If macros are even a small part of your workflow, you can do much better. In this post, I want to increase your versatility by showing you four ways you can run a macro without having to use the…

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Advanced API: Storing Data in Models Using Attributes

Blog 30.5.2012 2 Comments

An attribute is a container of user-defined data that a SolidWorks API programmer can store on a SolidWorks model or entity. Like custom properties, they are saved with the model. Attributes, however, have three notable advantages over custom properties: A single attribute can contain an unlimited number of parameters of different types Attributes can be…

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Workgroup PDM API Resources

Blog 21.5.2012 4 Comments

Enterprise PDM is, no doubt, SolidWorks Corp’s flagship PDM package. This has been the case already for a few years. That being said, Workgroup PDM is not dead and remains a great data management solution for small to mid-sized companies. Savvy CAD managers will still want to use the Workgroup PDM API, and for that…

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Free SolidWorks API Training Webinars in June

Blog 16.5.2012 4 Comments is proud to announce its upcoming SolidWorks API training webinars for the month of June, 2012, covering a range of important API topics. Please note that these times are not set in stone, and I am willing to change times or add more times depending on level of interest. Interested in attending a webinar?…

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7 Mistakes New SolidWorks API Programmers Make

Blog 10.5.2012 6 Comments

For those who don’t know,, the largest CAD/CAM blog in the world, recently ran an article on in which I answered three questions about the SolidWorks API. The third question was perhaps the most insightul: “What advice do you have for aspiring API progammers?” This question is so important that I decided to…

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Mating Automation Techniques: Pros and Cons

Blog 30.4.2012 1 Comment

You can’t talk about assemblies long without talking about mating. Consequently, if we’re going to automate assembly creation then we better have a darn good strategy for automating the mating process. While I can’t say that automating mating is easy, it is definitely possible. Best of all, several options are available to us to pull…

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Video: The 99 Must-Know SolidWorks API Calls

Blog 19.4.2012 No Comments

Did you know that there are probably over 10,000 API calls available in SolidWorks? Yet less than 1% of them are necessary for creating even very complicated automation macros and add-ins. To prove this, I created a macro that would satisfy the specifications of a mock case study involving part, assembly, and drawing automation using only 99…

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Video : Create Custom Features with the SolidWorks API

Blog 9.4.2012 2 Comments

Did you know that you can create completely custom features that behave just like regular SolidWorks features? This is possible with macro features. Just like a standard SolidWorks feature, macro features reside in the FeatureManager tree and can do anything a standard feature can do an more. Using a macro features you can do the…

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