Advanced API: Using Persistent IDs to Locate Objects

Blog 13.3.2012 6 Comments

Fundamental to writing macros and add-ins with the SolidWorks API is knowing how to get the pointer to a particular object.  In some cases, this is a simple.  If you need a selected object’s pointer then you just use ISelectionManager::GetSelectedObject6.  If you need the name of a feature called “CutExtrude1” then you would just use…

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Free PDF: 23 VBA Errors and How To Fix Them

Blog 6.3.2012 No Comments

Download the free PDF here If you’ve done any significant amount of programming with the SolidWorks API, no doubt you’ve run into compile or run-time errors. In my thousands of hours working with the API, here are the 23 I encounter the most: “Compile error: variable not defined” “Run-time error ’450?: Wrong number of arguments…

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Jedi skills : How to create bodies without using features

Blog 29.2.2012 No Comments

Yes, it’s true. You can create bodies “on-demand” without using features—using the SolidWorks API, of course. How does this magic happen? Enter in a rarely used but very powerful interface called IModeler. This interface contains no less than 30 members (not including obsolete members) for creating every kind of solid body, surface body, and curve…

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Video: Learn API Basics in Just One Hour

Blog 25.2.2012 No Comments

At SolidWorks World 2012, I taught 30 API novices the following in a single hands-on session: How to use the macro recorder How to edit and clean up the recorded code How to declare, assign values to, and use variables How to research API calls in the API Help How to implement auto-completion in VBA…

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SWW 2012 : Summary, developer poll results, coupon

Blog 21.2.2012 2 Comments

Another SolidWorks World, come and gone.My first was in Anaheim three years ago.  I think the first one is always a bit overwhelming.  Last year was overwhelming because it was the first time I had presented (two presentations, actually) and I was barely ready.  This year, my first with CADSharp LLC, my focus was a…

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CADSharp is nearing launch!

Blog 27.1.2012 No Comments

It has been two weeks since I got the web site up and running, and the response has been surprising. Despite having done no marketing yet, several people have found CADSharp through organic searches on Google and have signed up for our free membership. One of you asked when the payment system would be operational….

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Welcome to!

Blog 19.5.2011 No Comments is a new startup that will provide online video tutorials for learning the SolidWorks Application Programming Interface, in a style similar to  In these training videos I will walk SolidWorks users through the creation of macros and add-ins in VBA, VB.NET, or C#.  What makes this method of learning the SolidWorks API unique?…

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