Think you’re a crack API programmer? We’ll find out! is excited to announce its first SolidWorks API programming contest. Here’s how to enter and win one of three gift cards from Amazon or a 2-month membership to

  1. Download the example file set here and open “CADSharp_contest.SLDASM”.
  2. Write a macro in as few lines as possible that discovers and displays a single message box listing the children of all part components in the assembly.
  3. Submit the macro to before August 23, 12:00AM EST.
  4. The winners will be announced on our blog on August 24, along with everyone else who submitted a working macro, ranked from fewest lines to most lines.

A correct solution will contain the names of all of the children listed in the Parent/Child dialog box of each part (i.e., non-assembly) component. An example of the correct solution is shown here (list order may vary).


Three winners will be chosen based on the number of lines of code in their macro.

First prize: $100 gift card at, Inc.
Second prize: $50 gift card at, Inc.
Third prize: $50 gift card at, Inc.

Please note that Amazon gift cards can only be awarded to entrants living in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, China, and Japan. If a winner does not live in one of these countries, a 2-month Power User membership (valued at $199) will be awarded instead. Optionally, a winner that is entitled to a gift card may choose to receive the 2-month Power User membership instead.

Contest Details
  • Comments and blank lines will not be considered in the line count.
  • You may not hard-code the name of any entity into your solution.
  • The only acceptable precondition for running the macro is this: CADSharp_contest.SLDASM is open.
  • Please read the full list of contest rules here.

May the best programmer win!

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