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Since features are such an important part of SolidWorks, this lesson is broken up into three parts: feature creation, feature modification, and FeatureManager tree traversal. In less than an hour you’ll learn techniques that might take you a dozen hours to fully understand on your own. The last lesson, on feature traversal, is particularly critical since the techniques shown apply to assembly and drawing traversal as well.


You can also traverse features using ITreeControlItem (see the API Help example “Traverse FeatureManager Design Tree (VBA)”) or IFeatureManager::GetFeatures.

Lesson Files

Lesson 4.2a start code
Lesson 4.2a code
Lesson 4.2b code
Lesson 4.2c – create plate with traversal
Lesson 4.2c – modify features with traversal
Lesson 4.2c code
Code snippets