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Upcoming API Training Classes In Chicago

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Live SolidWorks API training

CADSharp is offering a four-day live training class on advanced API applications (addins and stand-alones using .NET) in Chicago, IL, on Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2016. Here’s what others have said about our classes:

You’re the best programming teacher I’ve ever had. I took two programming classes in college and neither of the teachers broke the subject down and explained every single line of code like you do.

Alex B.,

Why You Should Attend

<> Highly rated. Last 22 survey respondents averaged 9.3 / 10 for the question, “Were you satisfied with how much you learned?”

<> Beginner-friendly. No previous experience with .NET programming experience is required. Experience writing SolidWorks macros with VBA is highly recommended.

<> Personal. Small class size allows for excellent teacher-student interaction.

<> Professional. Content is designed and taught by Keith Rice, a leading SolidWorks API expert and software developer.

<> Flexible. Lessons are tailored on-the-fly to student needs and interests.

<> Learning doesn’t end. Complimentary one-year premium membership included.

Course Description and Price

Download syllabus for Advanced Program Development

Ready to go to the next level? If you already have experience writing VBA macros for SolidWorks (prerequisites are stated in syllabus), then this course will cover all aspects of professional add-in and stand-alone development: program setup and architecture, object-oriented programming techniques, using Visual Studio, source code control and collaboration using GitHub, documentation, deployment, and administration. The contents of this course is borne out of years of real-world, customer-driven experience and has never been published in any form.

Price: 1199 USD per person

Date and Time

Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2016. Training is from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM with an hour break for lunch.


Hancock Room (6th floor), Candlewood Suites

4021 Mannheim Rd, Schiller Park, IL 60176

This location offers free 24/7 airport shuttle, a fitness center, and more.

Registration and Payment

Registration is very limited. Email me to register.

I have one computer available for rent for 200 USD. First come, first serve. Otherwise, you will be expected to bring your own computer.

Invoices may be paid by check, wire transfer, or credit card. If by credit card, an additional 30 USD fee is included. Invoices will be sent out a week before the class starts.

I hope you can join me in Chicago for a great time of learning! Let me know if you have ANY questions.


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Watch Keith Program Live On!

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Watch live video from CADSharp on is a live streaming platform that is mostly used by PC gamers, but in recent times has been adopted by software developers as well. I am one such developer! The CADSharp channel that I have created, however, isn’t simply a glorified webinar, nor is it live training. Rather, it gives you the opportunity to join me as I do real, customer-driven SolidWorks API programming. I’ll provide commentary throughout all of my broadcasts. Best of all, with your own free Twitch account, you can use the built-in chat box to ask questions and interact.

What exactly are you going to broadcast?
  • Writing customer-driven macros, addins, and standalones.
  • Creating macro samples for
  • Answering questions on the SolidWorks API forums.
  • Practicing existing training material / developing new training material.
  • Open Q&A / Help sessions.

Feel free to add a comment below suggesting your own idea for a broadcast.

When are you going to broadcast?

Starting off, my broadcasts will be mostly impromptu, but eventually I’ll try to nail down something specific. Fortunately, Twitch will automatically archive a broadcast for 14 days, so you need worry about missing anything, and can watch material that interests you at your convenience. Many of the broadcasts may last several hours, since I intend to get real work done.

Can you notify me when you start broadcasting?

If you sign up for Twitch, you can set up email, mobile app, and text notifications in your account settings. Click here for step-by-step instructions. I will also announce on the (the slider on the main page) and social media (see links below) that I have started broadcasting. Again, if you miss a broadcast, you’ll still be able to view it for 14 days on our Twitch profile page.

I’m really excited to start broadcasting my SolidWorks API adventures with you all. Hope you can join me!


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What’s New In The SolidWorks 2016 API

Blog 11.1.2015 2 Comments

SolidWorks 2016

Another year, another round of SolidWorks API enhancements. Let’s run through the most notable:

  • Get corresponding sketch contours, sketch segments, and annotations for a specific instance of a component in the context of an assembly.
  • Get or set the properties of paragraphs in note annotations.
  • Get or set cross break feature data in sheet metal parts.
  • Get or set indent feature data.
  • Get or set boundary feature data.
  • Get or set chain pattern feature data.
  • Insert a structural weldment feature using a configuration in a custom weldment profile.
  • Get or set the name of the configuration in a custom weldment profile for a structural member.
  • Get or set hole callout variables.
  • Get or set gaps between center marks and extension lines, add center marks to a center mark set, get whether center marks are detached, get whether entities have detached center marks in a center mark set, reattach center marks to a center mark set, and get the coordinates of center marks.
  • Get or set options for ray-trace rendering engines, including the option to include annotations and dimensions visible in the model in the final render.
  • Make the child components of a component virtual when the component is made virtual.
  • Get the name of the drawing zone for the specified x and y coordinates on the drawing sheet.
  • Reload the sheet format from the original sheet format template.
  • Support for these leader styles: Attach Leader Bottom, Attach Leader Center,
  • Attach Leader Nearest, and Attach Leader Top.
  • Set geometric tolerance values and datum references in gtol symbol frames.
  • Get or set whether to display hole sizes in hole tables using ANSI inch letters and drill numbers.
  • Get or set the message to display in the What’s Wrong dialog box when a non-embedded macro feature fails to rebuild due to missing files.
  • Get the actual mass properties of selected components in a model.
  • Get or set the “Same as sheet specified in Document Properties” check box in the Sheet Properties dialog box.
  • Specify whether to convert the inner loops of the selected faces to sketch entities on a sketch plane.
  • Get the name of a sketch segment.
  • Get or set curvature continuous for a variable radius fillet feature.
  • Fire an event when an assembly component is about to be renamed.
  • For SolidWorks MBD: 1) Publish to 3D PDF, 2) Create a general table annotation for 3D PDF, 3) Support for exporting decals and textures to 3D PDF. (New in SolidWorks 2015, SolidWorks MDB (Model Based Definition) is an integrated drawingless manufacturing solution for SolidWorks.)

Want to see the API interfaces and calls related to each of these topics? Visit the online Release Notes. (Note: The local API Help “Release Notes” section only contains SP0 notes. It is not updated for each service pack, unlike the online help.)

As always, if you discover an area where the API is lacking, don’t be afraid to submit it to the SolidWorks API support team.


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