“API” stands for Application Programming Interface. The API within SolidWorks allows any user with a basic programming knowledge to automate tasks of all levels of complexity using macros and add-ins. Since using the SolidWorks API requires at least a basic knowledge of programming, a lot of users are turned off by it. With good training, however, that need not be the case.

Yes. Every version and every tier (e.g., Standard, Professional, Premium) of SolidWorks includes the libraries you need to create macros and add-ins with the API.

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is based on Microsoft’s famous Visual Basic 6 programming language. If you ever recorded or wrote macros in Microsoft Excel, you were using VBA.

Not at the moment, though eventually I intend to expand the course to cover macro, addin, and stand-alone development using VB.NET and C#. For the total beginner, however, VBA is a great place to start since it is easier to learn than .NET. Moreover, VBA and VB.NET have a lot in common so you are certainly not wasting your time by learning the SolidWorks API in VBA even if you intend to move on to VB.NET in the future.

This course assumes that you are familiar with the basics of sketch, feature, assembly, and drawing creation.

Yes. The SolidWorks API is forward compatible, so you should have no problem using the code in any future version. In fact, most of what you learn is compatible as far back as SolidWorks 2007.

Absolutely! We would appreciate it, however, if you noted at the top of your macro that some of the code came from www.cadsharp.com. We also ask that you not post our code on your web site or on a forum without our permission.

At this time we only offer streaming. However, if your only intention is to watch the video later when you don’t have an internet connection (e.g., on a plane flight) then there is an easy workaround. While you still have an internet connection, open up a new browser and go to the lesson page of the video you want you to watch later. Start playing the video and then press pause. The video will continue loading. Then you can put your computer in sleep or hibernate mode, and later when you wake your computer, the video will still be loaded and available to watch.

If you have any questions about the SolidWorks API or PDM API, we will do our best to answer them via email or Slack. We strongly prefer using Slack so that multiple CADSharp team members can help. If your tech support question contains confidential information then we can still assign your issue to a specific team member and they can help you through Slack’s direct messaging function.

Please understand that tech support is not a substitute for our consulting services. We cannot write sizable pieces of code or debug complex problems that will take us hours. We prefer to keep communication limited to Slack and only use a phone call or screen share if necessary. Therefore, if we feel that your request is beyond the scope of technical support, we may ask that you simplify your request or that you consider hiring us as consultants.

Good examples of technical support questions that we regularly answer are:

<>What API calls do I need to accomplish X?

<>Do you have a macro or code snippet that can accomplish X?

<>I’m getting the error message shown on line X, can someone explain why?

<>Given this description of my project, what kind of program do you recommend?

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