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We do not a guarantee that all information relevant to the member will be presented in our API training. The user is responsible for doing additional research as is necessary.

We are not responsible for the capabilities of the SolidWorks API and do not guarantee that by using the SolidWorks API the member will be able to automate his or her workflow the way he or she wanted (or at all).

Content Usage

You may not reproduce the content on this web site in any form without our permission. An exception applies to the source code available on this web site, which you may copy and use for use in your software. The source code, however, may not be re-sold or re-packaged as part of a separate training resource without our permission.

We are not responsible for any undesired consequences resulting from the member’s usage of the SolidWorks API, including but not limited to damaging, deleting, and disorganizing documents on a hard-drive or network, or changing any software or system settings.

The source code we provide on this web site and demonstrate in our videos are presented “as is,” meaning that the member receives the contents of our training programs in their current condition, including any faults present, whether known or unknown.

Web-site Usage

Members are prohibited from posting/uploading the following: 1) intentionally misleading information, 2) harmful/hateful content directed toward others, 3) sexually explicit content, 4) information irrelevant to fulfilling the purpose of CADSharp LLC, 5) unauthorized marketing information, 6) content promoting illegal activity, and 7) content infringing on any kind of intellectual monopoly rights.


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