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In this lesson we will examine the powerful and efficient ways to use the API to add, delete, and modify custom properties for the document and each configuration.


There are no additional notes for this lesson. If you think I missed something, didn’t explain something clearly, or made a mistake, please leave a comment at the bottom.

Lesson Files

Lesson 3.3 code – with error handling
Lesson 3.3 code


Lesson 3.3 homework solution


  1. AlexBitencourt

    How to access the data of the BOM?

    • Alex,

      You’ll have to be more specific. Are you referring to the “BOM Quantity:” dropdown in the custom properties dialog? If so, then that value is considered has being a custom property with the name “UNIT_OF_MEASURE”, which you can get like any other custom property using ICustomPropertyManager::GetX.

  2. niknak17

    Would you need to do anything different if you were working with an assembly instead of a part?

    • No, all of this should work fine in an assembly. If you want to modify the custom properties of components, however, then you’ll first have to obtain the IModelDoc2 pointer for that component using IComponent2::GetModelDoc2.

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