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In this lesson we show the basics of working with the SolidWorks API to create a simple macro. The very important topic of how to use the API Help properly is introduced.


For a great list of interfaces listed by their function / use in SolidWorks, search in the local API Help index tab for “Functional categories”.

Lesson Files

Lesson 2.2 code


Lesson 2.2 homework part A solution
Lesson 2.2 homework part B solution


  1. gwenolebernard1

    Thanks a lor for this great tutorial

  2. CryoDesigner

    At 10:30 rather than copy and paste you can use Ctrl + Space to bring up the IntelliSense. All you have to remeber is swmes . . . and that should get you in the general neighborhood. Good video.

  3. andy21283

    I have minimal experience programming so this may be a dumb question, but in the variable declariation “Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks”, I don’t understand the “SldWorks.SldWorks” object; can you please explain what this represents?

    • The SldWorks in front is the namespace contained in the SolidWorks API type library. Hence, when you type that, you indicate that you are looking for a particular object within that namespace as opposed to another namespace, since technically two namespaces could have two classes with identical names.

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