1. Given two SQL tables described below. Write a query listing all parts (and their quantities) in a given Assembly (parent number) that match a given category.

For example: list all parts( and quantities) in assembly “ASSEM-0059” with category “WELD”.

Table 1 Name: Parts
Columns: Number (string), Description (string), Category (string)

Table 2 Name: Bill of Materials
Columns: Parent Number(string), Component Number (string), Qty (int)

2. List at least five ways that you can optimize a website.

3. Onshape extension applications rely on a number of API requests that can have long response times, thus causing a user to wait. How would you go about mitigating this issue?

4. Consider a page containing a log-in form. How would you go about centering it?

5. Optional question: Two coordinate systems A and B are described by a set vectors representing the origin, x-axis, and z-axis. The following operations may be applied to transform A into B.

– Flip : a 180 degree rotation about the x-axis of A
– Reorientation : a 90, 180, or 270 degree rotation about the z-axis of A
– Rotation: an arbitrary rotation about one of X,Y, or Z axis.

Using only methods available in the FeatureScript Standard Library, describe a method to determine which of the operations have been applied to A in order to produce B.

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