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  1. momojr

    Dear Keith,
    I have a question regarding the selection of contours to perform the extrudeThin.
    I have a model that contains several lines connecting to one point. As I understood, to do the thin extrusion, I need to select all these lines one after each other, and as I have so much lines, it takes a lot of time to select all these lines. Therefore, I am thinking a way to select all of them by writing a macro.

    I tried to use the code you provided here. It is working perfectly for the case that I have lines that have maximum one common point.

    I think I should change “SKETCHREGION”, by “SKETCHCONTOUR” in the code, and I have to give the x and y coordinates of each line. I am wondering if there is a way to give the name of each line.

    I hope I am clear with my question, and I appreciate your kind help in advance,
    Best Regards,

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