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  1. pankajbir

    Great !!
    But what about retrieving the entities in the next session.
    Or retrieval by another macro which requires the same entities.

    Performance issues :
    1. Attributes : Are added to the feature tree. Slow down performance tremendously when
    2.Naming : Are editable by users damaging the integrity of the code retrieving them. But
    probably is the simplest way. Not sure of performance impact . Should be better than
    attributes is my presumption. In any case the easiest and most direct coding option.

    3. 3rd Party Storage of ID’s with a key string to retrieve the entity .
    Complex but is it going to improve performance ??

    Your solution and comments will be appreciated.

    • Pankaj,

      You can use the same persistent IDs in future sessions. The IDs “persist” between sessions of SolidWorks. Anyway, you have good observations about the disadvantages of attributes, naming entities, and 3rd party storage. Personally I have not actually tried using 3rd party storage so I cannot comment on the performance of this technique.


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