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  1. adavies


    I have managed to get the macro running on start up, but it doesn’t appear to run at close / exit… I have now added a couple of messages boxes to the code to debug it and it appears to run all of the code apart from.

    Private Function swapp_DestroyNotify() As Long
    MsgBox “Reminder: Transfer your license.”, vbMsgBoxSetForeground + vbSystemModal + vbOKOnly
    End Function

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Many thanks Andy

    • Andy, it looks like DestroyNotify doesn’t work in 2013 or 2014. I will talk to API support about this because it appears to be a bug.

    • Update: After talking to SolidWorks API support, they said that this event is not intended to work with VBA. The API Help summary for “DSldWorksEvents_DestroyNotifyEventHandler Delegate” says this:

      “Sent to an MFC-based or a COM-based DLL add-in when SOLIDWORKS is about to be destroyed.”

      Hence this excludes VBA. Regardless, since it seems to work for some people in some versions, I’ll keep the macro posted for now.

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