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  1. sos.1407


    I am working with a project, where i want to open a .Sldblk file from a fixed loctaion in sw drawing
    For eg.
    C:\Desktop\Hookup Project\YOKE\LEFT MOUNTING\HARD.sldblk

    so my idea is making two comboboxes
    1st combobox will handle LEFT MOUNTING (different folder names)
    and other Combobox will handle different Block name.

    Can you please help me with codes.

    • If your combo boxes are called ComboBox1 and ComboBox2 then you need to do something like this:

      Dim path as String
      path = “C:\Desktop\Hookup Project\YOKE\” & ComboBox1.Value & “\” & ComboBox2.Value & “.sldblk”

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