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  1. Joe_Limon

    dblVolume = (4 / 3) * intRadius ^ 3

    should be

    dblVolume = (4 / 3) *dblPi* intRadius ^ 3

  2. Slurry_Pumper

    I attempted to enter the more accurate version for pie with the declarative variables and use a constant command. The program didn’t enjoy my antics very much, so can I conclude that there are to be no formulas in the variable declaration sections? Even if the answer is a constant?

    • If your constant declaration contains any variables then VBA will throw a compile error. If you want pi controlled as a constant, your options are:

      1. Create a constant with pi out to many digits, like this:

      Const PI As Double = 3.14159265358979

      2. Create a string constant containing 4 * Atn(1) (which will calculate the value of pi) and then evaluate it in your code, like this:

      Const PI_EQN As String = "4 * Atn(1)"
      Sub main()
          Debug.Print Evaluate(PI_EQN, True, True)
      End Sub

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