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  1. suveerdj

    i used the above code to get coordinates of objects in a sketch. but when i run the code it is throwing an error “Object doesn’t support this property or method (Error 438)”. Please Help me to overcome this.

  2. jlp324

    Hello Keith,
    First time ever using macros in solidworks. I am trying to use your “get the coordinates of all sketch points in drawing views.” I select the drawing view, run the macro… where are the coordinates saved?

    thanks a lot. great work.

    • They are printed to the immediate window aka the debug window. To see the immediate window, do the following:

      1. In SolidWorks, go to Tools–>Macro–Edit
      2. Open the .swp file
      3. Run the macro from within the VB Editor using the green run button
      4. Hit Ctrl+G and this will bring up the immediate window, or go to View–>Immediate Window

      The points should be printed there.

  3. maquouini

    Hi, I use the code above, but dont found any point at all.
    swSketch.GetSketchPointsCount2() = null

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