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  1. naikvijays

    Sharing is caring …

    Nice effort !!!

    Thank you…

  2. joshuak

    I love how this macro works. Is there a way to list the names of the features used for a mate? E.g. a concentric mate would list:


    Component = Base
    Feature = M6 X 1.0 Tapped Hole
    Component = Mounting Plate
    Feature = C’bore for M6

    I would literally use this every day for checking!!!

    • Joshua, once you have the IFace2 pointer you need only use IFace2::GetFeature to get the pointer to the owning feature, then you can use IFeature::Name to get the feature name.

  3. Christophe

    Thank you for this macro!

    In my parts, some faces have a name. Is it possible to get the name of the faces involved in the mate (if the entities are faces and if they have a name, of course!)

    Thank in advance

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