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  1. stracey

    How do you change the configuration of a specific part purely by code, not by having the user select the part first?

    • How is the macro supposed to know what component needs its configuration changed? Is it the first component in the assembly? Is it the largest? Is it the one with a certain name? Before a macro can run correctly, certain preconditions need to be present. Hence you need to determine what those preconditions are before any macro can be written.

      • dbaldrica

        Is it possible to apply the current configuration of parts in the current assembly to all the configurations of the assembly…something like the “apply to all” when setting configs.

        • You could do this:

          1. For each config in the assembly (IModelDoc2::GetConfigurationNames)
              1. Activate it (IModelDoc2::ShowConfiguration2)
              2. For each component in the assembly (IAssemblyDoc::GetComponents)
                  1.Set the desired configuration name (IComponent2::ReferencedConfiguration)

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