If you are reading this then you have registered for a CADSharp training class. I am very excited to have you. Here is what you need to know:

1. Laptop rental. If I am offering laptop rentals for a class (which will be specified in the blog post advertising the class) then it is your responsibility to tell me you that you wish to rent one, otherwise I will assume you are bringing your own laptop.

2. Note-taking. Note-taking is essential to success in this class because you will be inundated with new information and it is impossible that you will remember it all over the course of the class let alone after the class ends. While I do have videos and written guides that cover some class content, it is strongly encouraged that you have a strategy for taking notes and saving code samples. My personal recommendation is Evernote, which I discuss in this blog post: Tips For Finding and Organizing Code Snippets

3. CADSharp.com Membership. If you have not already done so, please provide me with your CADSharp.com user name and I will upgrade you to Power User now so you can start reviewing the videos, if necessary. Your actual expiration date will still be one year from the ending of the class. If an existing Power User membership overlaps the class, then your new expiration date will be one year from end of your current expiration date.

4. SolidWorks version. You may use any recent version of SolidWorks for this class (preferably within three years of the most recent version).

5. Administrative and online access. I use Dropbox in class to quickly distribute files to students. You do not need to have Dropbox installed but you do need access to dropbox.com. If you are taking a class that includes addin development, you will need to have administrative access so that you can modify the registry. Lastly, we use Slack in class to quickly share code snippets and other info. Please verify that you are able to download and install and Slack. I will give you the invite link on the first of class.

6. Required software for .NET training. If you are taking a class that includes addin and stand-alone development using VB.NET or C# then you will need the following software installed:

        Visual Studio Community 2017 (or 2015)
        Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects extension (or 2015 if you have Visual Studio 2015)

        When you install VSC 2017, you will need to install the “.NET desktop development” module.
        Please verify that you can create a Visual Basic project by doing the following:

        a. Open Visual Studio
        b. File–>New–>Project
        c. In the left pane of the New Project dialog, verify that Visual Basic is present under the Templates listing

        When you install Sourcetree:

        a. You will need to create an account with Atlassian
        b. You can skip any requests to create or use an SSH key
        c. You can skip any requests to connect to an online repository
        d. You will be prompted to install Git if you don’t have it already. Use the “embedded” option.

Let me know if you have any questions.